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Slow since upgrading to BigSur


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16 hours ago, fisherking said:

what's the end goal? CDs are 16/44, streaming is (generally) 24/44. if you're headed to either format, recording at 24/44 would make more sense.

Absolutely that's why on my other project was an album for general release so I recorded @44.1k

however this is a project for myself and I wanted to experiment with different sample rates,

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14 minutes ago, Atlas007 said:

Ah ok!

Thanx for the heads up!

(Being an old fart having a hard time keeping up with the proliferation of acronyms)

You're welcome ! (And I must say you look very well preserved on your avatar pic, not old at all :D )

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On 9/25/2022 at 6:26 PM, eileengogan said:

I opened the activity monitor is that correct?

Screenshot 2022-09-25 at 17.25.29.png

You’ve sorted the view by CPU usage, but the little “^” at the top of the column means it’s sorted from least to most. You’re seeing only the processes using no CPU at all. 


Click on the column header again to reverse the sorting order from high to low. 

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