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Can't drag small regions since updating Logic

James King

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Hi all. Since updating Logic I can't drag small regions to change their position or copy them, unless I'm zoomed right into them.

The last version of Logic had some kind of 'smart grab' thing going on which made this possible, but how do I enable that in this version? 

Thanks so much for your time.

30sec video here demonstrates the problem; https://www.loom.com/share/94c882d9442f40b0995c399294b20114


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Here's what's going on: when working with very small regions while you're zoomed out, the region shown on the GUI is actually wider than the region actually is, just so that you can continue to see it (in earlier Logic versions, tiny regions would simply disappear when zoomed out, which was an issue). 

However the mouse pointer has to be placed where the region actually is, not where the region is displayed, in order for you to be able to click (to select) or drag (to move) the region. 

Now the position of the left edge of the region is represented with more precision than the right edge, so what I recommend is that you get used to point to the left edge of the region, which you should be able to reproduce 100% of the time, and not in the middle of the region, which will work only some of the time. 

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Thanks for the reply David. The functionality compared to the last version of Logic is much less useable. I really apprecaite you taking the time to offer a response, I don't think 'practicing my aim' is going to solve this issue though, particularly when making a beat in a session with a singer or other artist and the aim is to get it together flowing as quickly as possible.

Wondering what else can be done

Thanks again for your time

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10 minutes ago, James King said:

I don't think 'practicing my aim' is going to solve this issue though

I know, it's frustrating and not exactly practical. 

If that doesn't work for you then you can always try a different workflow, such as cutting/pasting with key commands rather than dragging to move. 

Another workaround: Command-drag to make a larger "target area" that you can then drag to move your region:



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