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Pop up finder windows. Any way to navigate with the keyboard?


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Sorry in advance for the boring question...

So the Mac Finder has some generic key commands for pop-up questions and menus. For example sometimes you can press ‘d’ to move the default from ‘save’ to ‘don’t save’ when prompted to save your changes. Or sometimes you can tab to move from ‘save’ to ‘don’t save’.

Another one- In a window where you need to navigate to a file you can press ‘d’ to jump to the desktop.

I’m looking to create a macro for opening my logic template and loading files from a folder on my desktop... ideally only using keystrokes and not mouse xy coordinates... getting stuck on the ‘import audio files’ menu/window in Logic (alt-F when the browser is open):

So up pops the menu. I can press Apple-D to select the desktop and then press the first letter of the desktop folder I want to navigate to.

To proceed I need to be able to ‘add’ the selected audio to the bin, where I can then press enter to import the files.

So my question: Is there any other way I can move around this window using only keystrokes?


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3 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

So then you type the first few letters of the desired folder, and navigate using arrows. Once you've selected the desired file that way you press Enter and continue navigating with the arrows to select another file, press Enter etc. 

Arrows not working for me here. Which OS are you on? I'm Catalina and LP 10.6.3

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1 minute ago, David Nahmani said:

What if you try to use the arrow keys to navigate another area of Logic such as the Library for example: can you use the right and left arrow keys to go down or up one level in the folder hierarchy?

yep, for sure! Just this one window where it's forcing me to use the mouse to hit 'add all'

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6 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

Ok then I'm afraid this must be a bug in your version of Logic or macOS. 😢

It's an OS thing not a Logic thing. In Big Sur (my laptop runs it) I can see both arrows next to all the folders.

Clicking on the 'right arrow' you can see inside, or if you hit 'apple + down arrow' with the folder selected it moves everything into the audio bin, once they're in there pressing 'enter' loads them into the session. Nice

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