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Automation - enter value numerically


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Here's the workflow I would use (as you cannot enter the exact value for single automation points directly):

1) Switch this on


2) Switch track to Read Mode

3) Put the playhead to where you want the automation point to be created

4) Move the control for the parameter you want to enter an exact value for - this will now automatically select that parameter as the displayed automation

5) Double click the Parameter's control to open the value entry and enter the exact value

6) Perform this function (you can also define a key command for it if you plan to use it frequently)


7) Repeat 5) and 6) for every automation point you want to create

Example video (using a key command for step 6): automation.gif.8fe7c8b0089af0ff9601ec9ebbb30073.gif

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7 minutes ago, volovicg said:

you can use command+control+e to open the automation event list and then enter the value directly there, you can add new points or modify existing ones

Good luck with mapping those values (0...127) to the actual parameter value (e.g., dB) in your brain. You can also not reach all possible values that way.

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9 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

Of let's say you've spent some time experimenting and determined that a vocal sounds better when turned up +0.7 dB during the first chorus, and want to create the same automation during the other choruses. 

This is a common need. Also if I change a parameter for a period of time and want to return it to a known value later in the song.

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