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Overload issue in Lesson 1

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  • David Nahmani changed the title to Overload issue in Lesson 1
7 minutes ago, Pierre Pagé said:

So with this book we must have version 10.7? I don't see any mention in the book that you have to have version 10.7 of Logic Pro?

The book was written for Logic Pro 10.7 which is the current version as of the release date of the book. You don't have to have the current version but if you use an older version, you may experience different results. 

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  • Solution

In order to get the same results in Logic Pro 10.5 for this lesson, you need to adjust the Gain parameter in the Region inspector for the loops as follows: 

  1. Breaks Bumps Beat 01 = -8.4 dB
  2. Kick Start Bass Guitar = -0.2 dB
  3. Kick Start Lead Guitar = -5.2 dB
  4. Kick Start Rhythm Guitar = -4.1 dB
  5. Pitch Bender Electric 04 = -7.9 dB
  6. Hip Hop Breakaway Beat = -2.5 dB
  7. Shimmering Melody Rhythm Guitar = -11.1 dB
  8. Shimmering Melody Lead Guitar = -14.8 dB
  9. Vendetta Hi Strings 01 = +2.6 dB
  10. Circuit Breaker Beat 01 = -5.7 dB
  11. Angelic Crash FX = -1.4 dB
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11 minutes ago, Pierre Pagé said:

One last question, what is the difference between lowering the gain in the Region Inspector by -5dB or lowering the fader by -5dB?

The region gain is affecting the gain at the region level, that's before the audio signal is sent to the channel strip's first audio effect insert plug-in (if any). The fader on the channel strip is affecting the gain just before the output of the channel strip, after the last audio effect insert plug-in and before the signal is sent to the output routing (here the Stereo Out channel strip). 

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