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Automator and Shortcuts.


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Automator and Shortcuts.

Hey guys, in the mixer bottom right it's showing my stems color coded in red. I want to fully bounce them through the master output 1-2 plugin this time. So for batch stem exporting using cmd+E (which supports batch exporting) is not an option since this type of exporting will not take into account the plugins on output 1-2 but only what is on the stem itself and everything before that in the routing chain. So I'm forced to use cmd+B (which does not support batch exporting to my knowledge).

I have tried fumbling around in Automator and Shortcuts but I know very little about these apps. So before I am trying to get a masters degree in these my question is if automatic batch exporting of Logic Pro stems is possible using Apple built in apps Automator or Shortcuts?


Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 11.50.55.png

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