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Where to put user created presets from Logic Pro 9 to Logic Pro


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Got my Mac Studio recently plus Logic - all good -  I'm coming from OSX Lion, a lot of has changed.

I had lots of user created presets saved for Logic's own plug-ins/synths - but where do they go on MacOS? 

Is it Music > Audio Music Apps > Plug-In Settings?  I know this is probably where they go but I don't wanna mess it up - as this folder was never there before.

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  • the user settings are in folder User / Music / Audio Music Apps /Plug-in Settings / ([plugin name] i.e ES2, Alchemy, etc).
  • Additional subfolders are supported and will appear in the libraries if they contain at least one valid preset.
  • EXS24 user presets could placed in the Sampler folder.

I would suggest to copy your custom presets into specifically named folders (i.e.: LP9 presets) within each of the factory LPX’s plugin-named folders, so you could test each preset in regard of compatibility (although there should not be issues) or sound quality ( I found that some of the (factory and custom) presets sound a little different…

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52 minutes ago, wonshu said:

The EXS24 (now called "Sampler") instruments should go into "Sampler Instruments". 


Thanx for the rectification!


From the published documentation:



Sampler instrument storage locations

To be visible in the Sampler plug-in Setting menu, instruments must be stored in the following folder locations:

  • ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments: User-defined or edited instruments are stored here.
  • ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments/AutoSampled: Instruments created with the Auto Sampler utility plug-in are stored here.
  • /Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments: Factory-supplied sampler instruments are installed here.
  • …/ProjectName: Logic Pro also searches for sampler instruments in the project folder.

Search by project is included for backward compatibility with existing projects.

  • If you use the Save As (Project) command, old project files and folders are converted to project bundles. The original files are not changed.
  • If you save a new project, sampler instruments and samples are saved with the project bundle.


Note: You can store your sampler instruments in any folder on any connected hard disk. Create an alias pointing to this folder within a Sampler Instruments subfolder (using any of the paths listed), and they are shown in the Sampler plug-in Settings menu.



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