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Library gets "lost" after Logic Pro crash


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This has happened a few times now. The second time it happened I managed to find some info online describing the exact issue, and how to resolve it. The solution given was this ...


Rename the current "Library" folder on external drive to something else like "Temp_Library" (Logic won't grey out the drive after that). After that close Logic app and disconnect the external drive. Relaunch Logic and let it download and install Essential Sound library to system drive. This will wipe symbolic links created during previous library relocation. When Essential Sounds library is installed, connect the external drive and perform the relocation (just Essential Sounds will be relocated, which is needed to restore the symbolic links). Now, delete the library folder containing just the Essential Sounds and rename the folder containing full library from "Temp_Library" back to "Library".

As this is at least the third time this has happened, I'd like to figure out a few things. Partly because I have a relatively limited data connection, so downloading an additional ~1.2 GB of the Essential Sounds every time this occurs isn't ideal. I do the bulk of my heavy downloading at a friend's place, as he has high speed fibre. I'm on slow rural 4G data.

Here's the situation ...

1. I have the sound library located on an external SSD.  It has a fair amount of the Logic Pro sound library downloaded to it (around 35+ GB).

2. I was downloading some additional sound library items, and whilst those were installing LP crashed. I have no idea if the installation process caused the crash, or if it was something I was doing in LP at the time. I was playing a software instrument at the time.

3. After the crash, when starting LP it's as though I am starting if for the very first time. It asks if I want to run LP in complete mode or a basic or essentials mode (I forget the exact working). First question: Why would LP revert to this state after it crashes?

4. Once launched, it starts to download the essentials sound library.

5. If I open the Relocated Sound Library tool, I shows the existing library location as the external SDD and the internal drive.

6. If I open the Library Manager, most (if not all) of the previously downloaded library files are not indicating they are installed.

As mentioned above, I'd like to understand why LP reverts to the described start after it crashes? It's now happened at least three times, with exact same outcome.

Aside from that, I'd like to know if there's any way to reinstate the previously downloaded sound library (which is on the external SSD) without going through the hoops of having to re-download the Essentials, and the renaming of old library, etc., as per that solution quoted above.

Thanks very much.

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1 hour ago, InspiredIvory said:

I was playing a software instrument at the time.

I guess that is not a good idea to use your computer when there is something that gets installed. It is advised advised to quit all app when doing software installation.

1 hour ago, InspiredIvory said:

Why would LP revert to this state after it crashes?

I'd venture that the pref files have been trashed.

Is it possible that your computer is reaching exceeding its limit when using Logic?

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Hi Atlas007.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights.

I don't get the impression adding sound libraries is quite the same as doing a "software installation" per se. The process within Logic itself seems to very much be based on the idea it's a background process which can take place whilst using Logic.

Regarding the pref files ... I get the impression Logic is storing something within the /Application Support/Library/Logic (and GarageBand) folders, or at least referencing them in some way, to determine if Logic needs to prompt the user for their preference over a simplified or complete interface. As it also happens in other circumstances related to moving those two folders, and setting up symlinks, etc.

In terms of the computer's capacity  ... no issue there.

Regards.... Jonathan

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