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Logic crashes on recording stop -- tempo changes


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I am at a complete loss.  I've read threads on crashes when stopping recording and tried the suggestions (change the settings for stop/spacebar, turning off auto punch, making sure flex is off, trying different audio interfaces, etc.) but nothing is helping.  I have managed to record some audio tracks in a project.  But I am now working on a new audio track, and no matter what I do it crashes–not EVERY time, but almost every time.  I've read that tempo changes can cause issues, but it is not a workable option for me to remove the tempo changes from the project. I have just updated the OS and Logic to see if that might clear things up, but it does not.

Crash log attached.  Any help is appreciated.

crash log.txt

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First of all I'd say you should try updating to 10.7.4 to see if this is a problem that has been fixed in the meantime. Compress your current Logic Pro.app and store it in a safe place in case you need to go back for whatever reason (I can't think of any, Logic 10.7.4 definitely is more stable than 10.7.2).

Then, you should try not recording with Smart tempo, as it seems it crashes during tempo analysis.

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