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New Behringer 202HD...No audio IN or OUT to Logic?


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Hi you guys!

I just bought a new Behringer 202HD Audio Interface for my MAC and it is not putting any OUTPUT or INPUT to Logic 10.5.1 Mojave.

System Info: Mojave 10.14.6  Logic ProX 10.5.1

I have attached several screen shots to show you what I am seeing on my end.

I plug the audio interface into the USB it powers up.  The MAC audio system report shows it is recognizing the Behringer.  Other screen shots should show you the other inputs and outputs.  No sound coming IN or OUT of Logic Pro.

Can you tell me what is going on?

Thank You!  Reesche

1 Berringer 202HD.jpg

2 Berringer 202HD.jpg

3 Desktop Audio.png

4 SOUND-Input.png

5 SOIUND-Output.png

MAC Audio System Report.png

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