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Midi routing question

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Hi i've just read this below and wondered if anyone knows if/how/best way to achieve this within logic? Its basically saying to map so that high notes are panned hard, left, mid notes slightly right, and low notes in centre. So able to play a midi synth and have those applied.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks. Jason



To easily split notes across multiple patches in Ableton, you can create three MIDI tracks with an instance of your synth on each track. Set each of these MIDI tracks to receive MIDI from a master MIDI track, which you can control with a MIDI keyboard. You can then get creative with Ableton’s Pitch MIDI effect, using the range and lowest parameters to select the incoming range of MIDI notes.

The pitch device below is set to only receive MIDI notes from E3 to E5 (24 steps) and will ignore any notes above or below this range. Use one of these devices on each of your three synth tracks to select the ranges of each voice, preferably with no overlap.

Once you’ve set up your three MIDI tracks, you can go ahead and start tweaking each voice individually. Panning is a good place to start; in Dawn Chorus the highest voice is panned hard left, and the middle voice is panned slightly to the right. You can also make subtle changes to the filter modulation and decay time. In the download at the end of the article, you’ll find the exact settings I used for each of the three voices in the below video. Lastly, run the bass track through a saturator to drive it a little harder than the higher voices.


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A number of ways, but probably the most straightforward is to set up a summing track stack with three instances of the synth, then adjust the key limit (and/or other track parameters) of each track to restrict each to the range you want. Then you can change the sound/mix set up of each instance of the synth accordingly. Put overall plugins on the summing track channel to affect all instances together.

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