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Cut all selected regions to same length?


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I tried to search for a solution, but could only find the equal length time stretch command, which wouldn't work for this. I have about 30 different samples on a  track in sequence, and want to make them all the the same length (by cutting off any extra audio past a certain point). How can this be done?

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Do they have to be on one track? This would be way easier to accomplish if the regions were on consecutive tracks and they all started on the same position in the timeline.

Additional question: Do you want to only make the audio regions the same length, or should that length change be applied to the actual audio files as well (which would be a destructive edit)?

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16 minutes ago, JakobP said:

You could cut one of your regions to the length you want, then select them all in event list editor and option+shift+click the length column on the region with the right length...

Option+Shift+Click! That's it! I could have sworn I tried all modifier combinations! ;) 

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