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MIDI track not playing my piano notes when I hit stop.


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OK, so the title is not the best, but I had a long day at work and also a headache. Here's what happens: one of the things I do to learn more about film score composing is to put a song I really like on an audio track at the top, and then add tracks for different things like strings, brass, etc, but usually start with strings.

So I listen to a small section, say 10 to 20 seconds, and I try to come up with the note sequence, write them down, then play them, and after several tries, if I think I got them right, I record them.

But I have this really annoying thing that I'm not sure when it started, or if it's a problem with Logic, with my new keyboard, or with the sample libraries. What happens is that I play that section of the audio file, and the MIDI track is set to record, and if I play any notes on my keyboard, I can hear them along with the audio track. 

But, the moment I press the spacebar to stop, and try to play the note sequence, I can't hear anything. I have to move any of the controls, either CC1 or CC11, and then it's fine. But the next time I play the timeline and I pause, same thing. So I have to move the faders even just a touch, because they are at about 80 more or less.

So at first I thought it might be that there was a region in that track before in the timeline and the last automation point was at zero for both expression and modulation. And one of them was, so I set it manually to go up to 87 or so, and the other was at like 70, so I raised it to around 87 too. 

That means that at the area where I'm trying to play, both modulation and expression are set to normal values, roughly the same as the keyboard faders when I touch them and I can hear the notes.

But even after doing this, it's the same thing over and over, and as you might have guessed, I'm getting tired of having to touch those faders every time I want to play the notes. I checked if there's any other automation, either track or region, and other than those two and velocity, there's nothing else.

I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but my MIDI keyboard is a Nektar LX88+ and the plugin is Eastwood Hollywood Strings via Opus, all updated just days ago.

Any ideas?

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OK I just found out how to solve this, so hopefully it will help another rookie like me, although it still doesn't make sense to me. I started playing with different things, until I found a setting at the track level that was unchecked, and I checked it, called "No reset", and I had a feeling this was related to resets:


That's fine, but all my reset messages are set to unchecked:


So what's the deal here? Why is it resetting when it's set to not reset anything?

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