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Recording plugin parameter automation with midi controller

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Hey all,

I'm trying to control the gain knob from the stock Logic gain plugin using a fader on my midi controller. I use CMD + L to bring up the controller assignments, use the "Learn Mode" button, click on the gain knob, then wiggle my fader which is sending a CC20 message. All seems well. I can control the gain with the fader in real time, however when I try to record the automation using said fader, nothing actually records. Furthermore, I don't see that a CC20 message is being sent by the fader in the transport panel anymore. This seems to be the case no matter which track I select.

I'm guessing the gain knob is tied to the physical controller (not the CC message being sent by that controller) and that Logic bypasses the CC message being sent by my device which is all well and good but I want to be able to record the midi automation. Is there another way to go about doing this? Traditionally I've just moused in this sort of plugin automation, but I'm trying to figure out ways to be more expressive.

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What you are doing is controlling the plugin parameters directly (via MIDI), so in this mode, you don't record the CC to the sequencer, that bypasses the sequencer completely. You use the automation system, exactly in the same way as if you were changing plugin controls with the mouse.

So put the channel into touch or latch mode, press play, and then your plugin parameter changes you make (either by the mouse, or the MIDI controller controlling that parameter) will be written as automation.

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