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Can’t find the project backup I need


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I just lost about two hours of work after a Logic crash. By the time it crashed, it was behaving very oddly by making loud white noise sounds, so I saved my project with cmd + S and closed it.

When I reopened it, it asked me if I wanted to load my last saved version or the autosaved file. Since I had literally just saved, I went with the saved one. But it was a really old save - meaning that for some reason my CMD + S didn’t work.

When I go to File > Revert To, it only shows up backups from days ago, and I can’t find any from the last two hours. I’m afraid they might have been deleted when I chose the last saved version.

There seem to be plenty of backups under the Show Package Contents folders, but I’m not sure which are which - and the Revert To option won’t show me the most recent ones.

Is there any way I can find the backups I need? Maybe using what’s inside the .logicx package?



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14 hours ago, Atlas007 said:

This is what I would do.

Does your project contains different alternatives as well? (I think that each of those contains their own backup sets)…

It contains a "Missing Alternative Name #1" as you can see in the screenshot below. PS: I never created a Project Alternative for this work.

14 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

If you select your project file in the Finder, then press the spacebar, can you click the link titled "Load a backup" to access your backups? 

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 12.31.02 AM.png

Clicking that won't work. I click Load a backup and nothing happens...


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