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Massive logicx session files

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I work on podcasts, and since I travel often, I usually just deal with mp3 files to keep sizes manageable with the longer runtimes. However, I'm noticing some massive bloat upon saving my sessions. For now, we're going to ignore my templates because I've just discovered this problem persists even in a brand new empty project.

To keep it brief, when I start a new project, then import a single 67mb mp3 vocal track, then save the project, my saved project jumps to nearly 500mb!

I'm fairly certain this is because Logic is automatically converting these to AIFF, and I understand why, but I'm just wondering if there is any way to get these project files down to a reasonable number. Some of my projects end around 2gb once all 3 vocal tracks are on the timeline.

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There are few things that could inflate a project file size:

  • number of undos
  • number of backups
  • number of alternatives
  • number of audio files in the project file browser

Only Deleting the unused audio files in the project audio browser could make a big difference and that would be my first step:

  1. Open the the project audio browser (default US kc: F),
  2. Select the unused files in the project (default US kc: Shift+U)
  3. Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard


If the above didn’t yield satisfactory results, Clean up the project would be my second step:


1.    Those functions are available in File > Project Management > Clean Up.

2.    Select the desired cleanup options to apply with the checkmarks

  • Delete Unused Files: Files not used in any project alternative are deleted from the project, and removed from the Project Audio Browser.   Note: Selecting Delete Unused Files will also select Delete Backups.
  • Delete Backups: Backups for all project alternatives are deleted from the project.

3.    Click OK.

A dialog appears, showing all of the files to be deleted from the project. To keep any individual files from being deleted from the project, deselect the Delete checkbox for those files.



4.     Click OK.


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