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Logic line up Tempo Change to bar 5


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Hi I have project where I am trying to use the tempo automation trying to line up where the marker says Muisc end onto bar 5

 step 1. add one  point at bar 2 on tempo line where it say on bar 2 Music Start so I can speed up the tempo until the Music end on bar 5

So I was moving up the tempo line and it is moving in the wrong direction trying to line up the Muisc end to line up with bar 5

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 12.18.38 PM.png


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You have a region at a certain smpte time. You want it to correspond to bar 5 but you also want a certain tempo of your choice. What you want is physically impossible as long as your region is locked to time.

If you want it to be at bar 5 you either accept the tempo or write more music at your desired tempo and make the region end on another bar.

You need to choose what is important. Tempo or at what Bar the region is.

I assume you work with a video, no? Because as far as I can see all your regions are locked to time. If not, unlock the smpte for the region. 

(Control+Click on the region, Edit/Smpte Lock / Unlock Smpte Position) and choose whatever tempo you want and have the region always at Bar 5.

Edit: I just saw you have a video track. So as I said you need to accept the tempo or land the region on another bar to have your desired tempo.

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