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Mac OS and Logic Pro Update - What order?


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Hi -

I'm preparing to update my 2019 iMac 27" Intel i9 (3.6 GHz) to Monterey before Ventura drops. I'm currently on the most recent version of Big Sur. 

I have not yet updated to Logic Pro 10.7.4 - still on 10.6.3.

My sample library is housed on separate SSD, and I have a load of plug-ins from the various vendors.

Any advice on what I should update/upgrade first - macOS or Logic Pro - would be greatly appreciated. Any caveats welcome.



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OS first, then logic... then check for updates on all your 3rd-party plugins. and here's a caveat: maybe check on those plugins first, make sure they all have monterey/logic compatibility.

and back everything up first (always).

i'm on a 2019 imac (i7), and everything worked great in monterey (i live on 3rd-party plugins). am now on ventura (which seems even better; just mentioning)

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Thanks -

Your quick replies are much appreciated.

I've been working toward this change over. I have 10.6.3 archived and performed a full main drive data back-up with Carbon Copy Cloner a couple of days ago. I updated Arturia, Isotope and Toontrack software last week. 

I wonder if Waves plugs will be an issue. I have never purchased any of their update packages. Everything worked no problem in Big Sur. License key is on a thumb drive.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Best regards,


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