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How can I tie markers so they always move with an anchor point or region?


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Hi all

Say I'm recording an audiobook, and as I go, I add chapter headings (let's argue the client wants hundreds and hundreds, one for each subheading, diagram, etc. It's a big PITA to do it later.)

Say later I move any regions, I have to be super careful to select all following, including markers, every time. If I try using Shuffle L mode this won't move the markers at all. If I ever make a mistake with select all following and don't notice, I'm probably in a lot of pain.

I get that this is a feature of markers, not a bug. What can I do so I don't have to redo my chapter headings if I want to use Shuffle L sometimes. Can I tie a marker to an anchor point or region start?

Currently I use colored regions for each new heading/diagram etc, then add the markers later. There must be a better way.

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No, you cannot make markers follow region edits. 

What you can do is make global edits instead of region edits, if that works for your workflow? Choose Edit > Cut/Insert Time and you'll find different options (cut, copy, insert, repeat etc...) for global edits that apply to all your regions and all your global track events including markers. 

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