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Need an alternative method to shorten project range


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okay.... so I have uploaded an image to better explain what I’m trying to figure out b/c I’m not certain of the correct terminology to describe the area I’m working with.

I have an old project that I’d created where I somehow created an extended range within the track area that goes far beyond the actual area of my song. It doesn’t impact the work in any way but it is annoying to see a scrollbar that extends “miles” beyond the area my song is in.

See the screenshot. My measures actually end at 149 🤨


I know I can grab the small triangle pointing to the left and just scroll to the left until I reach the boundary of my song but the area is sooo long that I’d literally be sitting for 30 minutes or possibly more before getting it to where it should be.

Is there a shortcut key, menu option or something that would allow me to set that range as an alternative method to do this???

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In the display LCD hit the drop down triangle and select "custom" to display a custom LCD. Then hit the drop down again and select customize the display - in the middle section select key signature/project end.

You can know directly access the project end numerical value in the lcd ( just double click on it and change it).. I show changing my project end from 1500 to something more reasonable in the vid below.


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