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In put on Midi Channels other than 1 to a Staffstyle?

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Suppose you are inputting notes from a masterkeyboard to  a Piano Staffstyle with Treble on Midi Channel 1 and Bass on Midi Channel 2 - is there anyway of directing the notes directly into Midi Channel 2 ie to the Bass Clef part?

New  notes Input via Step or Played in  always appear on Midi Channel 1 and have to be selected and moved to Channel 2 bass clef .. which is time consuming and fiddly especially if they have to be selected  and separated from notes that are already there in the Treble Clef.

A work around would be to create two entirely separate tracks with Regions and then Merge them but it would be great find a way to do this in one Track/ one Region... ?

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You have the best questions.....

you have two choices 3 choices....

1/ switch the midi channel on your keyboard between 1 or 2 to specify which staff of the grand staff to use. 

2/ temporarily change your staff style from polyphonic back to normal and define split point. everything left of the split point will show up on the (bass staff) and to the right (treble staff) 

3/ Create a button using the environment and a text fader (output set to switch fader #49) - then cable it a transformer that converts the midi channel... So  the text fader may have two labels ( Treble or Bass) and clicking on the fader switches the names which inturn picks/routes to the respective output - for which if it is treble - nothing happens, but if I select bass, then the fader routes to a transformer where the midi channel is changed to 2 - thus ending up on the bass clef.    

I actually use method #3 in a more complex way as I use different controllers as potential sources and i pick on the fader which controller I am using - thus mapping to all the correct parameters. 

Here is an example, the red box is my text fader. clicking on it changes the cable routing. Let me know if you want me to make you what you are looking to do if you decide the environment/fader option is what you want.

controller selection.gif

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Thanks for these suggestions and apologies for the late response:

1/ 'Switching midi channel of Master Keyboard'  in my case a 1987 legacy Korg SG1 ( fabulous original sample and great weighted action)  is very cumbersome as it is a manual knob on the far side of the keyboard facing the wall...

2/ 'Changing the Split Point ' again this not practical as the Left hand goes sometimes into the treble and vice versa and the visual display of the notes on the stave would keep changing - am needing  a completely stable looking Staff Style so I can purely focus on the way it would look when printed.

3/ 😃 - this is the way to go! To be honest I dont understand at all this area of Logic ( Mapping controllers) etc but if you could make something that is a simple switch which chooses between Midi Input Channels  that would be very useful. In fact it would be great if it was an option in the Inspector Track Strip where you just moved from Midi Channel 1 to 2 ... if this is possible? 🙏


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