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MIDI note piano roll question


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When hearing the midi file below with imported tempo info (27 FPS), I noticed that Logic Pro transcribed the info with as many as 9 separate tracks and each with just as many effects for each interpreted instrument by Logic.



But when I listened to a high Tweed organ lead trying to emulate John Lord in MIDI (lol) I noticed that an A4 note in my musical keyboard wasn't the same as the A4 MIDI piano role playback.


There are no effects on the music keyboard playback.


Can anyone help with this?















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What A was it ? A3?

if it is not an octave problem on the keyboard then it is likely how middle C is being defined ( two different standards).  Preference->display  ( just select the other one on your system) and see if that solves it for you. Otherwise just change the octave on your keyboard.   Hopefully I understood your question...


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