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Dolby Atmos Workflow Suggestion


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I primarily work in ProTools for Dolby Atmos but would like to use Logic in order to hear Apple's Render in realtime. In ProTools, I am able to globally EQ the Atmos mix by creating a group and linking globals across the mix. If I add a HPF on one channel, it is mirrored on all other Objects. 

Is there a way to do this in Logic? If not, can we please get this feature? I will happily become a full-time Logic user for Atmos with this added feature.

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sorry, that's not possible at the moment. You can see what's available under group-settings. 

I think Logic needs a big surround-update to fully use the potential of Spatial Audio. There's no way to define a surround-bus layout f.e. It would be great to define, let's say, a quad-bus and assign its output via objects to the .4-height-speakers. It's doable in PT (and I believe in Cubase). Or have a Bed-Bus that is 7.0.2 without the LFE. This way you can deal with the LFE separately. Etc. In PT you can send directly to sub-paths of a bus, like to the rear-channels of a 7.1.2-bus. Not possible in Logic at the moment.

But the biggest problem: the panner. It's so counterintuitive in my view. The PT-panner is much better and easier to understand. The Dolby Music Panner is great, but it only works with the Dolby Renderer. The sequencing is wonderful. Maybe Logic will get this function soon or the Music Panner will get the ability to work with Logics Atmos-plugin. Fingers crossed.

I would hope that a new version of Logic is boosting the surround-capabilities.

I think full Atmos-mixing is best done in PT at the moment. But easy, straight-up panning and moving is working just fine in Logic of course, if you can get your head around the surround-panner. There's a great website by Gareth Fry about Logics surround-capabilities, worth a look:  http://www.garethfry.co.uk/using-logic-pro-for-surround-sound-work-and-ambisonics

All the best


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By the way: I like to do Atmos-mixing in PT, exporting the final mix as an ADM-Wav file, that I then import into Logic to check the Spatial Rendering. Only problem is that Logic keeps crashing when I try to Create from any ADM-file - at least in ARM-native-mode. When I use Logic in rosetta-mode it works. I've been in contact with someone from Apple to look into this behavior. So, maybe that will work soon...

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I found logic will crash when creating from ADM if another app (like the Dolby Renderer) also has the .ADM open. Not sure if that helps you, but worth noting.

Logic really falls short on Atmos workflow. The only redeeming factor is the Apple Render option.

This concept of Logic gate keeping the Apple Render yet lacking in practice workflow solutions for globally balancing a mix is exactly why Atmos on iTunes isn’t well received. We need the ability to do this for the formats’ success.

Logic devs, please add this feature or pass the Apple Render to Pro Tools. 

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