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Logic exporting midi into separate tracks


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Hi all. I’m going insane trying to figure out how and why when I export a midi track thats been joined, it opens up in the new project as three different tracks. I have a hunch that this is occurring because the original midi was captured into garageband for ipad and imported to logic later. I’ve read about preparing my midi for export and some have said that I need to normalize my midi parameters but I can’t for the life of me locate any menu that uses that verbage so I’m thinking those forums were related to past versions of logic. The only fix I’ve found this far is to painstakingly copy and drag individual notes onto the same track. Please tell me theres an easy setting to resolve this.

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Logic will automatically export the MIDI file as Format 0 (i.e., as just one track) if you only export one MIDI region. Upon import of a Format 0 MIDI File, Logic will split the imported data by MIDI channel into separate regions, potentially resulting in more than one region on more than one track.

So, your solutions for this would be either to

1) Change the MIDI channel of all events in the Region to the same value before exporting (this will prevent the splitting upon import), or

2) Add a short dummy region to the project, containing just one MIDI note, and export it together with the other region (this will prevent Logic from using Format 0). Of course, you would always have to delete the dummy region after importing that MIDI file, so that solution might not be for you.

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