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Can you create a cycle of multiple punch-ins ?


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I am familiar with "Punch-in and -out of audio recordings" and "Record multiple audio takes"

What I would like to do is create "multiple punch-ins".   So I would have the punch-in + punch-out points set up, I would also have cycle points set up so I have a pre-roll of music so I can get in the groove ready to play the punch-in part.  I would then press record and play the new punch-in part numerous times generating a take folder with all the passes / takes.

Is this possible ?

I can do punch-ins one at a time and accumulate a take folder but I would like to press record once and get in the groove and play the phrase numerous times, and then select a comp version which sounds the best.

I have looked at the various record settings, but so far I can only get one punch-in recording at a time.

Thanks for any replies


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Fusbur: thanks for your comment.    I am actually using the exact setup you describe but I can only get it to record once.   The 1st cycle plays the punch-in I have just recorded on the first pass, but it stops recording after 1 pass.  It would be great if there is Logic setting somewhere which allows the recording to continue until I press 'stop the recording', or record for a set number of cycles.

You need to hear a few bars of pre-roll music when you are doing punch-ins.

It is a jazz guitar rhythm track.  It would take me weeks...months to do a faultless take.  I have to assemble the rhythm track with pinch-in sections.

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9 hours ago, T0nt0 said:

Found it - yes, it already checked /ticked

Not sure exactly what you mean by ticked/checked, but it's a button that you click to toggle between two states: either you're in edit mode (the button has a scissors icon) or you're in quick swipe comping mode (the button has 5 little squares): 

  1. Edit mode: 
    Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 7.58.20 AM.png
  2. Quick Swipe Comping mode: 
    Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 7.58.13 AM.png
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58 minutes ago, T0nt0 said:

Just had a look for "Quick Swipe Comping" button/option - I can't find this ?

Ok I see what you mean now by Quick Swipe Comping is checked. That menu you're showing is the 2nd button, the one that toggles the Edit mode/QSC mode is the third button. But in any case QSC is enabled so you're good. 

I had not read your original post in this thread. Unfortunately what you're requesting (autopunch in cycle mode) is actually not possible in Logic Pro.

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The LPX manual always stated it is totally doable, though, which is a bit disappointing...

Quote: "If you want to improve a difficult part of a certain passage, you can use a combination of the Cycle and Autopunch functions. Cycle mode recording allows you to practice as many times as you like before performing the final take. On each cycle pass, only events or audio that falls within the area defined by the autopunch locators is recorded. This lets you make use of the preceding song section to “get into the groove."" 🙄

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Yes, this is a work-around. 

Workflow so far:
1.   copy audio region to a 2nd track which will be the "backing track"
2.   set up recording cycle in+out points which include a pre-roll to get into groove for the new part.
3.   You have to protect the pre-roll audio in some way as it will get recorded over when you record the new part.  You could for example cut this section and move to a safe place on another track.  Once you are happy you have got a 'keeper' new part you can edit / join the audio sections together to a create a new audio region.

So in summary, a work-around that will be fiddly the first few times you use this method, but will become easier, straightforward.

Different question: do you think other DAWs (Protools, Cubase, Luna etc) have the auto punch-in feature or is this an obscure recording option?

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1 minute ago, T0nt0 said:

I was thinking more about the "auto" feature of punch-in, i.e. being able to od continuous multiple takes of punch-ins.

The "auto" part of what Logic calls "autopunch" (it's rarely called the same way in different tools) means only that you're setting a punch-in and a punch-out point before you start playback, then Logic automatically turns on the Record button at the punch-in point and turns it off at the punch-out point. The other common way to punch which is not "auto" is to punch in and out manually (you start playback, then click Record to punch in and click Play to punch out (or use the Record Toggle key command, or a controller such as a pedal to punch in and punch out). 

Both features are common across all recording systems. 

Now in Logic you can't autopunch multiple times successively. I'm not sure if/how other DAWs implement this. 

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1 minute ago, Atlas007 said:

I 'd believe that is a developer oversight...

I'm afraid it's more likely to be an error in the manual as it's never worked in Logic and has been mentioned and reported repeatedly. 

But of course that doesn't mean it cannot be fixed/implemented, so cast your votes: https://www.apple.com/feedback/logic-pro.html

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