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Logic sequencer velocity not affecting quick sampler mod matrix


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Any help much appreciated. I'm attempting to have my drum loop (which is a pattern region with logic sequencer) affect the amp decay in the shaker instruments quick sampler. So that the higher the velocity of the shaker, the higher the decay time.

This doesn't seem to be working, i've tried it in quick sampler under LFO1 and Mod Matrix with target being amp decay and via (LFO1) and Target (Mod Matrix). Although the slider changes the sound, its really just the volume, not the decay time.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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Why would you use the LFO for that? Simply leave the LFO alone and modulate the Decay time directly via the Mod Matrix. Reset your LFO1 to this


and set the Mod Matrix to this


Real Vel Dec.logicx.zip

New project version attached (seq pattern slightly modified to better show the result).



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