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Automation and Audio Dropout Issues during Final Bounce


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I'm experiencing some really weird issues during my final bounce that don't occur during playback. Hoping this is an easy fix but fearful that it's another quirk that no one else has either heard of nor seen and I'll be stuck on a limb trying to figure out some type of work around.

When I play back my mix automations, mutes and etc. all work great and the sound is perfect. However, when bouncing my track to disk; sections of my mix on certain tracks seem to dropout or the volume appears to drastically just drop. Also noted tracks where the audio is either muted or the volume is automated all the way down seem to be simply ignored and I hear the parts playing when they should be heard.

I'd previously observed jerky vocals as well but I've learned that too much automation happening at the same time across several tracks within any given area can sometimes play smoothly during a play back but can produce broken sounding audio artifacts during a bounce b/c the processor is being over taxed. So that I fixed by eliminating automation or minimizing volume automation on tracks where it isn't really required.

Still the other issues are a first. Haven't never heard those problems before.

Suggestions, Ideas?? I'd try anything at this point. I just need a clean bounce without the artifacts.

I've tried bouncing to a difference disk but that didn't resolve the problems. Also I'm using SSD  NVMe 3 and 4 disks so read/write shouldn't be an issue.


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Though I never figured the source of the issue, consolidating my multiple tracks into a single file via export tracks to audio file, importing the file back into my project and muting the original tracks served as a reasonable workaround.

My thought is that certain sections within my project were placing an overbearing load on the CPU which caused it to "drop the ball" on certain tasks such as automation, processing the section to disk and etc. I generally always mix at 48Hz and write out at the same with a 24 bit depth so the file sizes are considerably large as well.

Which would explain why off loading those task for a group of tracks to a single file resolved the problem. It's a large project so I believe I'll take this approach anytime my project size gets very large.

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