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Is there any way to view track counts (For Software Instruments, Busses etc..)

the sinner

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32 minutes ago, mattrixx said:

Wow, must be a massive session.  I've never run out, however, I'm not doing massive track counts.

I'd have thought it'd be difficult to run before it's impossible to play it back.

Well I have a large template and 20 years of collecting samples, Most of them are turn on and off with the on/off toggle but I like to have it all loaded so I don't have to stop writing to import tracks

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Look at the channel number of your last software instrument track (in the track inspector): 

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 10.51.59 AM.png

That's how many software instrument tracks you've created so far. 

Logic's Mixer limitations are: 


  • 1000 audio tracks
  • 1000 software instrument tracks
  • 1000 aux tracks
  • 256 busses
  • 1000 external MIDI tracks
  • 15 Audio FX plug-in inserts
  • 8 MIDI FX plug-in insert
  • 12 sends
  • 32 groups

So in my case, I've created 119 software instrument tracks. If I haven't deleted any software instrument tracks since I started building this template, then that means I have 1000-119 = 881 software instrument tracks left. 


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1 hour ago, the sinner said:

I know I am a far minority but I hope logic continues to expand the 1000 software instrument tracks (For us big template orchestra guys/gals)

That does indeed represent only a minority of users — however you're not alone, especially in the orchestral composer realm, to wish the limit was higher so they could build extensive templates. 

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I just want to clarify a couple points.  Logic is not limited to 1000 “tracks”.  It is limited to 1000 instrument “objects”.  This is not just verbiage difference.  You can have 1000 instrument objects, each one hosts a mixer strip with plugins.  However it is possible for each one of those to be a multi timbral instrument with up to 128 separate instrument “tracks” feeding on separate MIDI and port channels.  That is theoretically 128,000 inst tracks possible.

furthermore the 128 limitation can be surpassed by using MIDI tracks and some simple environment cabling which can then allow many more tracks then that, with AU3 instruments that is.  For AU2, I guess the theoretical max instrument "track" limit would be 16,000

bottom line is that Logic Pro is not limited to 1000 inst tracks.  It is however limited to hosting no more than 1000 instrument plugins at a time.  So to get more inst tracks you need to use multi timbral Inst plugins and/or vepro.

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we are saying the same thing, that is how you create multi-timbral tracks pointing to one multi-timbral instrument object.

You can have up to 128 of them on AU3 instruments.  AU2 only support 16 midi channels, so...I guess the upper limit for AU2 would be 16,000 instrument tracks.


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1 minute ago, Dewdman42 said:

we are saying the same thing, that is how you create multi-timbral tracks pointing to one multi-timbral instrument object.

What I'm saying is that you can do that even if you're not using a multi-timbral instrument. For example you can use different tracks for the individual kit pieces of a drum instrument. I don't believe there's an upper limit to the number of tracks that can be assigned to the same object, or at least I've never reached it. 

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7 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

 I don't believe there's an upper limit to the number of tracks that can be assigned to the same object, or at least I've never reached it. 

Yes there is a limit.  Try to create more than 128 (or might be 127) and see what happens.  The entire LogicPro GUI and the environment goes wacked out.  Its not typical with Au2 for anyone to create so many tracks feeding a single instrument, so you probably never hit that limit with AU2 anyway.  But when building AU3 orch templates, this became an issue quickly, I have written about this a few years ago...there is a thread here somewhere about it.  

Anyway, what happens is that when you create each new track pointing to the same instrument (with or without the same midi channel), then in the environment there is a new mixer fader object created that has its own attributes such as midi channel, etc, but is pointing to the same underlying instrument object as the first one.  Ok so far...but apparently LogicPro gets angry and upset if you have more than 128 (or maybe 127) of those pointing to one single instrument object.  Try it and see what happens.  It blows up the whole project into chaos and the only way to get it back is to delete some of those environment objects until you have no more than 127 of them.  I'm pretty sure its 127 now that I think about it.   So actually 127,000 is the theoretical max instrument track limit.

I'll try to find the thread where I went into great detail about this with photos and how to deal with it.


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Also this limit is not encountered when using midi tracks instead of the multi-timbral tracks as described above.  If you use midi tracks cabled to the instrument mixer strip objects in the environment, then you don't run into that 127 barrier...

I have done an AU3 template using an approach like that...with VePro...that can achieve theoretically 768,000 instrument tracks in LogicPro...based on the limitations of VePro.

VePro is the only AU3 multi-timbral plugin out there that I am aware of, so that is the means to have many thousands of tracks...  But its possible to get many tracks without it too.

so then it becomes a matter of what an instrument is actually capable of.  Most instruments are only capable of 16 parts using 16 channels of midi.  I have been able to get Kontakt to support 4x that much using some clever Scripter scripting and Kontakt KSP scripting to basically route to the Kontakt parts A,B,C,D.  So with Kontakt you could theoretically have 64 different unique instrument sounds from a single instrument plugin instance.  So using that...you can theoretically have 64,000 instrument tracks in LogicPro...no problem.  Even more than that up to 127k if you are including multiple tracks feeding a single sound.

But most AU2 multi-timbral instrument plugins only support 16, so we're really talking about 16,000 tracks assuming your instruments are all multi-timbral.  many are not.  For example VSL plugins are not.

To get around that you can put multiple instance of VSL or other single-timbral plugins, inside a hosting plugin such as DMD MetaPlugin, PlogueBidule, KushView Element, etc..  Then you could easily put 16 instances of the VSL plugin inside a single instance of MetaPlugin and basically get to 16,000 instrument tracks of VSL in LogicPro.  Or just use VePro.

For example.  its even possible to do some clever Scripter programing and get more than that...but realistically...nobody needs that many tracks...  I personally do not even need 1000.

side note, LogicPro 10.7.5. broke VePro.AU3...so that is off the table now until further notice also.

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Well t he question is do you really need more than 1000 tracks of different zebra sounds?  If so, then LogicPro can't handle that without some extra third party help, which I will describe below.

I think most people are in reality working with a combination of different plugins, some are multi-timbral and some are not.  When they are multi-timbral, you can multiply the number of independent instrument tracks possible in LogicPro..  

If after all that, you still are going to run out of enough tracks to make you Zebra monster mix...you can turn to third party helper tools

As I mentioned above, you can increase the number of instrument tracks you use in LogicPro by using a third party hosting plugin.  Here are some of my favorites, there may be others:

  1. DMF MetaPlugin
  2. KushView Element (nearly free)
  3. BlueCatAudio Patchworks
  4. Unify
  5. PlogeBidule
  6. VePro
  7. Akai VIP

In these you can basically put 16 instances inside, and then you have a multi-timbral synth

like this for example:


The above is only using one of LobicPro's 1000 instrument objects...and has three instances of U-he synths, each one listening on a different midi channel and outputting the output to separate audio outs.  I am using KushView Element above.  It basically becomes its own Multi-timbral synth which hosts whatever seperate plugins you want inside to comprise each of the 16 midi channels.

So theoretically you can have 16,000 instances of Zebra inside LogicPro this way.

Listen, I don't disagree that LogicPro could be improved in numerous ways including access to more than 1000 instrument objects, but I'm just offering solutions.  You can have many thousands of inst tracks in LogicPro...but as of now, you have to confine it to 1000 actual instrument plugins..unless you use sub-hosters...then its up to 16,000

You can get up to 64 instrument tracks per Kontakt instance with a little scripting

If you use VePro you really have no limits...


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