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Sampler: Crossfading Samples via Mod Wheel


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Hi, I have two very simple samples of a guitar ebow sustained an octave apart. I would like to use the mod wheel to smoothly crossfade between them at will. 

I followed the instructions here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/logicpro/lgsifc8649f5/mac but it doesn't quite behave as desired. The velocity range low/high/xfade is a little cryptic. I did this: 

SOURCE: Velocity TARGET: Sample Select AMOUNT: +100% VIA: Mod Wheel

Group 1 (D#1): Velocity Range 0-64 / Linear Gain / XFade 127

Group 2 (D#2): Velocity Range 65-127 / Linear Gain / XFade 127

And it's almost there but I can still hear the low sample at full mod wheel when I shouldn't hear any. No amount of fiddling with these parameters is yielding a smooth transition from one sample to the other (yes the samples are the same gain structure). Where am I going wrong?! 


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Thanks guys. Yes I realised the source was wrong a short while ago. Also I didn't have the zone velocity set correctly. I managed to solve it now. For reference and future recall the solution is: 


Group 1: zone velocity 0-64 / Group 2: zone velocity 65-127


SOURCE: Mod Wheel TARGET: Sample Select AMOUNT: +100%



Group 1: Velocity Range 0-127 / Linear Gain / XFade 64

Group 2: Velocity Range 0-127 / Linear Gain / XFade 64



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