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Alchemy: .aaz file locations and original audio files


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Two questions.

  1. When you import audio into an Alchemy source, it gets processed into an .aaz file. Question: once this happens, does (Alchemy or Logic in general) need to use or access the original audio file? It doesn't get copied into the project, or anywhere else AFAICT. I just want to make sure I don't have to keep that original audio file around, and that the resulting .aaz contains everything Alchemy needs going forward.
  2. I have the Project's "Copy Alchemy audio files into project" preference set. So therefore after I do an "Import Audio" op, an .aaz file gets created in the Project's "Alchemy Samples" folder. Cool. But...another identical .aaz file - same name, same contents - also gets written to ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-in Settings/Alchemy when I save the resulting preset, right next to the .acp file of the preset. This seems dangerous. Which .aaz is the "real" one? Which one is used by the project I'm working on? Why are there two identical files? 


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  • Solution

1)  I would believe that the original audio file isn’t useful anymore for Alchemy. It might be used somewhere else in a project. It would be a good idea to keep it at least in a backup location just in case… One easy way to verify same would be to relocate that audio file to an external drive location; disconnect that external drive; load the Alchemy patch/project. If everything goes well, then you’re sorted out about that audio file required presence.


2)  AFAIUI, both are the real one. One is saved in your project folder, which is a good thing for the project’s perennity. The other is part of Alchemy preset library.

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