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Sound library download failed but filled boot drive to the max


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Hi folks thanks for having me. Having a bit of a mare with Logic after attempting to move audio library. Below is copypasta from Apple Logic forum. Thanks for any help you guys can give me in advance. Some of you may know me from Gearspaceluts.



So I decided to move / download the whole logic sound library to a new partition using the 'move library' dropdown in logic. It failed, nothing ended up on the partition after downloading about 70 gig of content to my boot drive, which is now full and at a crawl.


Logic has obviously downloaded the whole lot onto my boot drive for installing into the partition after, but left me with no way of removing the offending installer data. Have searched and failed to find where it is so I can delete it and get back to downloading the sound library content in smaller chunks.


Any ideas where the package is hiding so I can get rid of it? Can't believe something so huge is managing to hide from me.


UPDATE (next day)


Gave up on Logic to come back to it this morning and now Logic won't boot. As soon as I launch it I get the beachball.


Checking activity, this runs as soon as I boot logic, taking up around 20% cpu:




and if I kill it it takes Logic with it. With the beachball in play I can't even get a logic menu bar to show.


Of course mdstores is now going mental trying to go through all the files that are now installed in the wrong place.


TLDR - Logic now won't run at all and thinks its still downloading / installing stuff that it cancelled itself



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13 hours ago, BevvyB said:

Have searched and failed to find where it is so I can delete it

Apple Loops are in HD/Library/Audio/Apple Loops

More stuff here:

HD/Library/Application Support/Logic

Maybe this thread towards the end might help you on the location of temp folders in Logic content download:


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