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One take, different timing


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This is a mystery to me guys. Recorded a guitar with mics to one track and DI signal to a second track. Now the recording is the exact same take BUT Logic somehow prints this with completely different timing.
I reset Core Audio. Disengaged groups. Shut of editting and quantize reference group settings. Even than Logic delays the DI signal. At the moment I am just creating a new track and copying over the DI recording to the existing (partially already editted) track. Any suggestions to get the two in sync again?

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 15.47.39.png

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Folder Stack “Guitars” with inside:

Track Stack “Guitar 1” with inside:

- “AC30” track outputed to Guitar 1 track stack.

- “DI” track no output (only for reamping).

Both AC30 and DI track are grouped together with Editing and Q-Reference activated. But even with those off the problem persists, plus a newly created DI track with the exact same settings does function properly.


Neutron 4, Gain, Remix plugin on Guitar 1 track. Low-Latency mode is activated whilst recording though. 



Guitar signal straight into DI split to DAW and pedals/amp/mics signals. The thing is Logic times the mic signal way earlier so that excludes signal path latency as being the issue.


It’s a bit of a riddle really…



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Hi Fisherking,

okay your suggestion was a hit.
I first dragged the Guitar 1 and DI track outside of the Folder and Track Stack and recorded. 
Amazingly the recordings were back in sync. I didn't even remove the plugins yet.
So I wondered what would happen if I dragged the same tracks back into the Folder and Track Stack to the exact same position they were before. Weirdly enough the track now record in sync (see screenshot). I guess there is no point in trying to understand this. The edits on the original track are saved and I can continue to use the same DI track, that matters to me.
Thank you!



Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 09.30.29.png

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