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MainStage + Guitar Rig v5 or v6


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Hello there,

I use Guitar Rig 6 as a FX plug-in inside an audio channel strip for my violin input in MainStage. However, I can't manage to change GR Presets on MS patch change.

This is driving me crazy, any suggestion by any means, sending a Program Change or run a midi file containing a Program Change or even using the Scripter Plugin would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to avoid setting up a separated GR instance for each MS patch for the workload.

Thank you in advance.

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So far no success for your scenario.

Program changes won't help here. While there's a function to send "unused program changes" to channel strips this seems to work only for Instrument strips, not Audio strips. Mainstage simply doesn't send them into Audio strips - at least they don't light up the MIDI activity LED of a plugin that can be used both as an instrument or as an audio plugin.

Same also applies to audio plugins further down the Instrument channel strips - and in a certain way this makes sense. If you would pass those program changes through the whole plugin path it would also require a mechanism to block those changes for certain plugins (if desired).

I'm not sure about the whole latency issue; however a possible solution could theoretically be to run Guitar Rig standalone outside Mainstage and to pass the audio with Soundflower or Loopback back and forth. Mainstage then could switch the GR presets in the standalone version.



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Many thanks gacki for your time.

I solved the issue inserting the GR plugin in a channel strip of a midi instrument input and not as an FX in an audio channel. Then in GR Side Chain, I selected Input 1 and the audio of my Violin pass nicely true. 

A big headache to set the Program Change has been because GT v6.2.2, which is last for Mojave, is buggy and the PG does not work on this version. However, I managed to install GT v6.2.3, which unfortunately is only for Catalina where the PG has been sort out from NI and works just as expected.

The only drawback is that all the menu don't display the text basically are empty but clicking on them do work. Anyhow I learned where are the few menu of my interest and so far so good.


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