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Relocated library but still have 76.17 GB on internal HDD


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Good morning

I just relocated Logic's sound library using the 'Relocate sound library...' option in Logic. It has given me a lot more space on the internal drive. Yay

However, when I go to Apple > About This Mac > Storage, I see that Music Creation is still sitting at 76.17 GB!

When I click Manage, it shows that the Instrument Library is most of that.

I have read through a lot of forum posts and watched a lot of videos on this and nobody mentions this, from what I can find. I have seen that moving Apple Loops is not possible, but I am confused as to why I still have 68.2 GB for the instrument library. One video I watched said that only Apple Loops and Impulse Responses were left on the drive. Do the impulse responses take up that much space or has something gone wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as an additional 68.2 GB would be so useful to me right now 😊

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I haven't seen this before, but my first guess would be that somehow you have 2 copies of the sound library. Why don't you just try and delete the library from your Internal drive (manually)? If there are somehow missing sounds on the external, then just re-download them.

In the "about this mac" section, under the storage tab> Music Creation, just remove everything and see how you go.
Personally, I just keep "Instrument Library and Apple Loops" on Internal; which is less than 3GB total; and I only keep this because it's the necessities of running Logic. Anyway, sorry I can't help any further as this is new to me xD

Good luck!

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