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Plug-in Crashing


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Hi, my Logic Pro experiences a lot of bugs and it’s quite frustrating… I feel like there’s too many little things and it’s hard to describe all of them, but it involves a lot of crashing, plug-ins not opening or working, getting error messages that I don’t understand… learning how to navigate Logic as a beginner is frustrating enough for my ADD brain, but the fact that things don’t work the way they are supposed to makes it even harder… I feel very alone and discouraged. I’ve talked to people and they suggested it might have something to do with updating my Mac OS, I guess I didn’t realize the updates aren’t always compatible with this kind of software… also when I originally installed Logic to my MacBook Pro 2020 M1, there were a lot of VST’s that wouldn’t install, and I think I may have installed it improperly to begin… is there a way I can uninstall it and reinstall it? Will that reset everything? Or should I uninstall my operating system?

Please help. I just want to learn how to use this software so I can make music, nothing lights my soul on fire like creating songs and it’s very disheartening to have my flow interrupted by this software - that I paid good money for - not functioning properly…

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Booting Logic in safe mode could help you identify the problematic plugins and disabled them.

As pieces of advice:

  • besides purchasing only reputable plugins (or software)
  • and proceed with no other apps running during the installation,
  • always instal one plugin at the time,
  • ensuring the installation went well.
  • In order to verify if the installation went well, a popping window should confirm same once completed.
  • Then cold reboot your computer.
  • (Ignore others’ advice or comments that rebooting is unnecessary!)
  • If possible, test the newly installed software (plugin) before starting Logic (many plugin installation include a standalone installation as well).
  • Launch Logic and let it complete the Auplugin validation procedure. That may take a while.
  • Do not move related assets (samples. presets, etc) before testing the plugin thoroughly;
  • and if you decide on moving its assets to an external drive, ensure that such procedure is supported by the plugin vendor and that you are following religiously its published procedure steps.

Generally speaking, when installing software, do so methodically, following every steps cautiously. 

Since the introduction of M1 chip, some plugin will not be compatible or would only run under Rosetta mode.

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If you wish to fully enjoy Logic’s outstanding musical features and creative power, I warmly recommend properly learning about same with David’s book.

You will save time, frustration and headaches!

The author @David Nahmani is hosting and attending this very board daily and provides excellent support. 

His book is ideal and well crafted for beginners, covering the various aspects and features of Logic in tutorials format. Learning becomes a breeze and can be completed at your own’s pace. It also remains useful as a reference once the tuition completed.

I’m not an advertiser, just a satisfied customer…

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