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Issues With Getting Automation On Multiple Tracks At Once To Work Properly


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I'm having a frustrating issue with getting my automation to work as expected when trying to create automation on multiple tracks.

To best illustrate the issue, I created a 2 minute video which you can watch here:

I'm trying to create modulation automation in 3 separate midi instrument tracks at the same time in Region Mode.

I've grouped them together with group setting for automation mode checked.

When I try to create automation for modulation it only affects one track. When I try to automate volume, it looks as it its affecting all 3 tracks, but when i play back it only automated the one track I created the automation on.

If I switch to Track Mode, instead of Region Mode, it works as expected.

Not sure if I have a setting I need to change somewhere to get this to work as expected. I've reviewed many videos and forums, can't find a solution to work on my setup:

Logic Pro: 10.6.3
Mac OS: 10.15.7


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Thanks for the reply and info @polanoid. I'll look into the summing stack option.

Curious to know, does the same issue relate to copy and pasting automation from one region to another on a separate track?

I was going crazy trying to figure this out as well and I thought I saw some videos showing people achieve it, but was not able to recreate it. This would be another simple option, but couldn't get that to work either

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