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Bouncing at 32-bit


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My situation is this:

I've received my mastered files at 24bit/96khz (ive verified this by checking the file details on 'check info' and quicktime)
I needed to change the lengths of the files so i imported them into logic and then bounced them back out at the same settings, 24/96.
The files check out once again at 24/96 on 'check info' and quicktime.
My record label needs them at 24bit/96khz, but are saying they are 32-bit.
I can't understand how this might be happening. Am i missing something in the way logic is bouncing these files, or is the mistake at their end?

my bounce settings are:
Dithering: none
normalise: OFF


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1 minute ago, mattlovesmusicyeah said:

on quicktime they show as 'Linear PCM, 24 bit little-endian signed integer, 2 channels, 96000khz

I would tell them that you triple-checked that you exported the files as 24 bit fixed audio files, and that you then imported them into QuickTime to check again and that the files are recognized by QuickTime as 24 bit audio files (send them a screenshot). 

That puts the ball in their camp, and gives them the responsibility to triple-check on their end and then give you more information regarding how they figure that these are 32 bit files. 

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