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Presets causing crashes


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I’m helping a friend/client with a major system upgrade (moving from a 2012 Mac Pro to a new M1 Max MacBook Pro). He’s a heavy user with a lot of sample libraries and plugins. All has gone pretty well but for one notable issue, which is that loading certain presets for some plugins causes Logic (10.7.5) to rainbow ball/freeze, necessitating a force quit every time. The Logic presets menu system is how he saves/accesses large volumes of sounds, and it would be fantastic to find a fix so he doesn’t lose hundreds of his favorite sounds. 

To be clear, the presets are in the Logic presets menu at the top of the plugin window, not the plugin’s specific preset menu. Both plugins are software instruments (Kontakt and M-Tron Pro) that store sizable sample library files on the system drive. Loading presets from the plugin’s built-in patch library works fine, but loading his presets causes issues. 

Also, not every Kontakt library recreates the issue. In fact, most work fine and only a few have the problem. A rep from G-Force (M-Tron Pro) said he was able to load some presets that we emailed him.

Are the preset files corrupted? That seems doubtful given the G-Force rep’s success opening them. Is it a permissions issue? Is the problem that the preset is looking for files/data in a particular location/file path that has been updated since the migration? 

Because of a large amount of personal information/files stored in the old computer, we used time machine to migrate to the new laptop. Perhaps that brought over some extra or antiquated bits of problematic content? 

Is it possible to reindex the preset library? If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be very grateful. Thank you. 


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I've had constant instant preset crashes* in 10.7.5 (M1 Pro) using Soundtoys Effects Rack, but other people haven't been able to reproduce what's a clear issue for me, so I'm not convinced there aren't remaining Logic issues that are causing this type of behaviour with some third-party plugins...

I don't get those crashes running Logic in Rosetta, only natively.

BTW I don't have any problems loading M-Tron Pro presets via Logic aupresets here.

But - you're not getting crashes, you're getting spinners, which to me indicates more a disk/memory/permissions thing more than anything else, so it may be worth pursuing that. Where is your M-Tron pro library, the system disk, or elsewhere? If you move it, do you get the same behaviour? Is that sample content on the same drive that the Kontakt sample content is on too?

Edit: * 10.7.6 resolved this issue, no more crashes on preset switching.

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Having the same issue, and this is not resolved with Logic 10.7.7 


Logic 10.7.7 

M1 Max MacBook Pro

Mac OS monterey 12.5.1

Flipping through Kontakts own presets library crashes Logic 

(Kontakt 7.1.5 and Kontakt 6.7.0) (samples are on the same drive)

Also every time I try to save a preset in Logic ( the presets are in the Logic presets menu at the top of the plugin window, not the plugin’s specific preset menu )

Everything works in fine in Rosetta though but that doesn't help me - I'm working with heavy projects

Thanks for any help regarding this matter


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