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External controller automation not recording in to the lanes..very odd behaviour


Go to solution Solved by pinki,

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So firstly let me say I understand the difference between recording midi cc and recording automation!

But here is an odd one: I still use Kore2 in Logic (because I love it) and it works fine in 10.6. However there is a problem with automation: when I host a plugin in Kore in Logic the automation parameters will read fine and I can edit the lanes, the hardware will respond too and all is good.

However when I use the hardware controller to write, the knobs will not write into the automation lanes...they respond fine but they will not write. Unless I do the following: if I click with the mouse on to the GUI of Kore when Logic puts in its alternative view (Controls View showing parameters only), and hold the mouse down continuously on the GUI...the automation records in to the lane!

Has anyone got any light to shed on this? I realise Kore is super old now but I'm hoping someone might have experienced this back in the day. I think Kore sends OSC from its hardware to its plugin, but I don't know for sure.


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Sounds like Kore isn't sending the required events to Logic unless you touch the GUI. In any case, you don't have much hope of changing the behaviour now due to Kore's status of course.

Has it always done this in modern versions of Logic, or has the behaviour changed recently?

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I know, not much hope as Kore is so old but I I think this forum is the only place that might know something!

This is something I've only just noticed as I've been using Kore standalone for a long time and never thought it would work in Logic but surprisingly it does apart from this. 

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