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Logic playback behavior in large template with powered off/on tracks?


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I finally got around to completing a rather large orchestral template (my 1st) and I have a question about Logic's play back behavior as it relates to tracks that were powered off then back on. Allow me explain... 

I saved my template with every single track powered off (Option clicking the on/off button) so it can load super fast. 

Once I start to compose and turn back on the tracks that I need to compose then close the session and then reopen it maybe 1, or 2 max instruments play back?

After clicking on the track name, the beach ball spins for a split second and THEN the track sounds? 

In order to have that whole sequence playback where all tracks are sounding I have to click on each track name and then they play back? 

Does this make sense or seem normal? 

I thought maybe it was a buffer size issue since my template was saved with a buffer size of 512, but this behavior is still the same after changing it to 1024. 

And since I am only trying to playing back 10-12 tracks  it is obviously not taxing the computer's processor at all. The performance meter reflects this.  

If this is normal then that would be a pain if I had to re click on 60+ tracks every I time I want activate them to continue in the session.

I am on a Mac Pro (2019) 3.3 Ghz 1- Core Intel Xeon W with 86 GB of Ram. I am on OS Monterey v 12.6 running LPX 10.7.5

Please let me know your thoughts as to what could be causing this or if there is something I am doing wrong. As I said this is my 1st ever large scale template so this is the 1st I have seen of this behavior. 

Thanks so much!! 






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