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Switching between macs with the same external SSD


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Hi I just got a new Mac Studio that I will be switching off between my Macbook Pro using the same external SSD that has all my libraries(Logic, Kontakt, Omnisphere) installed. When I plug the SSD into the new mac none of my libraries are showing up and its saying it needs to reinstall them even though theyre on the external SSD plugged in. How can I make it so both macs use the same exact libraries on the same SSD?

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Look up how to make a symbolic link on a mac using terminal.

These are like an alias (a "fake" folder that really just points to another location), but in my experience symlinks always work for this whereas an alias only works sometimes.

To make your computer see the external libraries, locate each folder on your computer where a sound library would normally go, and replace it with a symbolic link which points to the corresponding location on your external SSD. Make sure folder names match exactly.

So for example, inside your Application Support->Spectrasonics->STEAM folder, you'll have a folder called "Omnisphere" (but I presume it's empty). Replace this with a symlink (called "Omnisphere") which just points to the Omnisphere folder on your external that holds the content. Rinse/repeat.

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