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Help with contextual Midi controller assignments?? Hoping for help with mixing workflow.


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Hey Logic users!

My first time posting because I found myself in a spot and unable to find any clear resources to help me resolve my issue...

Say I have a basic MIDI controller with a few encoders. I thought wouldn't it be great that if I mapped a plugin parameter to a particular encoder, that every time I brought  up an instance of that same plugin, that control would be recalled.

I cant seem to figure it out... Lets say If I had a reverb open on "Track A" could it be possible to assign an encoder each to Mix, Pre Delay and Time - then have those same 3 controls recalled on the same encoders when I open the same plugin on "Track B" ?

I could imagine this working through smart controls in some way?

It seems so simple and would improve my workflow so much but Im lost!


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!



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You can do that with Smart Controls however Smart Controls are saved with the patch, which contains all the plug-ins on the channel strip. So that means that if you already have for example a chorus plug-in, and want to insert the reverb plug-in after your chorus plug-in, then that would not be possible. You'd have to load the patch, which would remove the Chorus plug-in and replace it with your Reverb plug-in. 

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