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best small monitors please?

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As a portable system   I have just bought a Universal Apollo Twin x Quad, I have a Macbook Pro 2015 and Logic /Pro Tools.

I have a pair of Sennehieser HD650s for mixing and Hd25s for tracking.

I would like a pair of small monitors for playback too,  any pointers?   in my home studio I have Genelec 8040s,  should I stick with Genelec as I am used to them, say 8020s?   or is there a better choice of small speaker?  or is best to to get something cheap like Hs5 just for reference, then rely on the Hd650s?


Thank you for any help!


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i have a pair of eve-audio sc203s to run around with (with a sub, when at home). they're really nice, and have a usb(!) audio input, so i have it connected directly to usb. and they're a master & slave, so only one needs power and usb or audio in...

ik multimedias small monitors are nice, and the small neumanns are good (i heard them at a friend's a few years ago). you can check sweetwater music online, too, for small monitors...

small monitors

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2 hours ago, olavsu1 said:

I can suggest only JBL.  https://www.thomann.de/intl/jbl_lsr_305p_mkii.htm

I don't use them, but they are loudly praised by local producers.

//i are using Pioneer S-DJ60X. I guess they are not small.

Cheers, these are too bug and heavy really,  I have finally opted for the Genelec 8010s,   as I am really used to working on Genelec.

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