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LPX 10.7.4 (Mac - under Rosetta) intermittent latency occurring

David Pickell

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Hello, this is frustration personified! I open logic, begin a new project, start recording midi and audio, all is well, add a few plugins, all is well, then, mid-session a significant recording latency emerges (no warning dialog) which requires the 'record/low latency monitoring' to be activated, which disables (at random) certain plugins. I have a fast (M1) CPU, tons of ram, audio buffer currently set at 128. 

This event is not associated with the addition of any plugin and seems totally random. Once the latency has occurred, it persists and all new recording must be in Low latency monitoring mode. Goodbye evocative, well-crafted, heartfelt reverbs!

I actually acquired this new faster laptop mainly because I was experiencing this inconvenience with an older version, but this fault ONLY emerged in the last three years or so. Please let me know if you understand this issue or have found any remedy. It happened with MOTU convertor and identically with Focusrite Scarlett. Gratitude - David


ps - another topic probably but I'd like to know how to make my mission critical plugins 'low latency safe' while this is still happening.

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any reason you're not running LP 10.7.5? perhaps updating will help (and, as ppl here always advise, rename your current version something like "Logic Pro 10.7.4", so the update won't overwrite that version, in case you want to revert...

also (since you mention this happening on an earlier mac) are you working from a custom template? just wondering what the common denominator is between the issue previously and currently...

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Hi Fisherking - I tried to update to *.5 as you recommend, but App store [updates] does not show this as an option - implies my current version has no update available. Wierd.

Observing this ongoing problem, today I noticed I had an open session, with a large array of plugins, and midi had no latency. Then the instrument I was using temporarily disabled itself and when it was restored a few seconds later the latency was present. [scratches head]

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