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Problem downloading library directly to External


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So I want to have all the Logic library sounds on an external USB-C thumb-drive. My MacBook has 128GB of storage so I don't want 80GBs of just sounds eating my hard drive (wish I could slap my 2019 self for not getting one with more storage, but whattyagonnado?). I started up Logic, downloaded the essential sounds straight to the Mac HD, then relocated them to the external drive via Logic's sound library menu. Everything I've found online says that as I continue to download the rest of the library, it will be installed directly to the external because now Logic knows that's where its sounds are. I had problems with downloading all at once so I've been going with a few small categories at a time. Every time it finishes downloading and then installing the couple of GBs worth of sounds, Logic freezes, I have to force quit, and then I can't open it again with the external plugged in. So I unplug the external, and then Logic acts like it's the first time and wants to download the essentials again.

Is there something I'm not doing right? The only workaround I've found is to download and install, let it crash, force quit, then eject the thumb-drive, start up logic,  then when Logic says to reconnect the drive and retry, I do that and then it seems to remember. Even though it seems to be working, just doesn't feel right. Any help much appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Just looked again at the sound manager and now I'm not actually sure that the sounds are properly installing.


EDIT WITH SOLUTION!: So while looking in Finder at the app support, the Logic folder briefly changes from being a symbolic link folder with the black arrow, back to  a regular folder. If I click anything in logic while it is a regular folder, it will crash. You have to wait. It seems as though the Mac just takes some time to like establish the install back to the symbolic link to the external. Woof haha, wish I knew that earlier. Hope this helps someone!


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