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Tape Emulation Plugins

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because I don't want to pay money and logic is full of dozens of effects that won't let me pay, example A logic chrome reverb-level reverb costs around $400 and comes free with this logic.

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You can explore what there already is in Logic, if you don't want to buy third-party tools which can specialise in a way that doesn't really happen in a DAW's own bundled effects. You can use tape impulses in Space Designer for instance, or you can use the tape delay, with no delay - it has a surprisingly good tape saturation effect.

A DAW will never have all the plugins that all third-party developers can obsessively recreate - that's why a third-party plugin ecosystem exists. And when a DAW isn't providing tools you want, then for sure you can request these things, but you may be waiting forever, when these days, you can pick up really good third-party tools in the very over-saturated market pretty inexpensively. If you can afford a Mac and Logic, you can afford to pick up the occasional $30 plugin to round out your toolset, and keep on working.

Or you can just wait and hope, of course...

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I agree with what you said, I am not against giving money, but logic has given so many wonderful plugins so far, maybe it was not hard to imagine demanding this effect, so I made a request, otherwise I can buy a tape plugin as you said, but staying in the logic stock ecosystem is in terms of stability and workflow. this is my priority so I work entirely with logic stock plugins and they have thought of almost everything and I meet all my needs

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