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Importing AKAI sample instruments in the new Sampler or Quick Sampler

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Hello, I’m a little bit confused with the Sampler in Logic 10.7.6. The Exs 24 sampler in older versions could use old AKAI sample libraries directly, and the new sampler can’t open them. I really miss this feature as I have used a lot of these libraries in my music, and I really don’t want to lose all of my older projects. Please help!

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I'm not sure I understand. If you have used EXS in the past to import instruments from an AKAI CD, then you still have these imported instruments on your computer and Sampler can read them, so all your older projects are perfectly fine.

If you want to import an actual AKAI-CD today, then Sampler can't do it anymore, quite probably because a) everyone imported all their AKAI-CDs in or around 2000 already, b) Macs don't have CD-drives for nearly a decade and c) AKAI-CDs are a proprietary format which requires extra code in EXS and possibly on the Mac OS-level too. So there really was not much to justify the effort to port and maintain the ability to import AKAI CDs to Sampler.

In short - sorry, you're late to the party. Quite a bit late.

All that aside - check this, maybe worth a try. Haven't used it and the reviews are mixed, but sometimes it's the odd path that leads to success:


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Hello, fuzzfilth,

I have all those AKAI libraries on my hard disk(s), the problem is that Sampler shows them greyed out. I think M1 could be the reason. Anyway, great thanks for the link to Translator 7, I bought it immediately and I think it will solve my problem.

Best regards,


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The Akai importer would read the Akai disk images (in a proprietary format), and *convert* them into regular EXS24 EXS files. Those converted EXS files are still just as readable by Sampler today as they were in the EXS24.

What you can't do is read the proprietary Akai disk images any more, as that Akai disk import library was old, 32-bit code. If you still have an old system and an old version of Logic, you can use that to convert your Akai libraries, and then use those converted sampler instruments in the current versions of Logic.

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