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Playback issues, I/O spiking, totally stumped.


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Here's a screen recording of what happened a few weeks ago. I was getting no sound when it happened. You can see in the top right corner that the CPU and HD don't appear to me maxing out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQHuGJNeJLtz2RMePsDP2epcKmRS58fe/view?usp=sharing

Here's a video I took with my phone just today. You can see the spiking on the meter, but it's not like the processing threads are being hogged. I've tried it with this project on my desktop and on my external drive. Same thing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dgvs930dbbSEV36Xbn2cJJKsqXygeS9W/view?usp=sharing

It sometimes happens in Solo as well.

This doesn't happen in all projects. I just opened a new one to test it and dragged in one audio file, put it in solo, and it didn't happen at all. Opened up another project that was super dense, tried it, and it happened. I checked some other projects to see if it would do it, and I couldn't get it to happen, and then I went back to the current project in which it was happening, and I couldn't get it to happen anymore. Confusing.

Why would this happen sometimes and not other times? Especially when nothing is changing on my computer as far as processes, CPU load, audio or interface settings, etc. The buffer is on 1024 and it still does it with minimal plug-ins on. Let me know if anyone needs any screenshots of any settings.
I've been a heavy Logic user for over 10 years and my full time job is audio engineering. So I know how to use the thing, and know my way around all the settings. My Mac Mini with much less RAM, a lesser processor, and an old Logic version never had this issue. Even in very dense projects with loads of plug-ins. And here we are, on a new Mac Studio, with hardly any plug-ins loaded, and this is happening. Doesn't make sense to me.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Ventura 13, Logic 10.7.6


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