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Any ideas why automation sounds different when bounced down? (Remix FX)


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Hi. I have Logic's "Remix FX" plugin on a track & I'm having some issues when I render it (you can hear the audio below: the correct version followed by the incorrect version).

  • 90% of the time I play the track the bass effect sounds crisp and as I intended it to.
  • The other 10% of the time during playback it sounds blurred at the end
  • 100% of the time when I bounce it down or export the track, the bass sounds blurred.

I don't have Low Latency mode on. I have tried playing around with the automation start/stop points (you can see what I'm automating below - the repeater rate and on/off are the things controlling the sound here). As far as I can tell the difference has nothing to do with the bass layer being selected (or unselected). 

I eventually did a workaround by recording the audio in a 3rd part app via a capture/loopback plugin and then bringing the correct sound back into Logic as audio but it was a pain and I'll have to repeat the process if I change anything.

Any ideas what might be causing it to misbehave?

EDIT: When writing this post I hit the wrong key-combo and posted too soon, like a muppet! - apologies if you saw the original post which contained next to no info



Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 15.18.03.png

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15 hours ago, Jellignite said:

Are you bouncing in 'offline' mode - try realtime if not. Automation sometimes messes up in offline.

Yes, I agree with this.  At least with a real-time bounce you can hear what is going at the end.   You could try adding the "include audio tail" option when doing the real-time bounce which will extend the time to capture audio at the end of the file.  But I would not expect that to make a difference unless you have some reverb or sound-effect that needs a fade out time past the measure Logic currently has set for the end of the bounce.

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Offline bounce has had a problem with automation (and things like delay repeats sometimes) for as long as it has been implemented if I remember correctly - that's decades, possibly. No idea why it hasn't ever been fixed - it's such a howler. Fairly sure it's the reason Avid resisted implementing it in Pro Tools for so long.

It's a net time waster for full mixes - you need to listen through to check for Logic's failings so you might as well listen in real time. If you're anything like me that makes you notice a million things you should have fixed before bouncing. Cmd+'.' is your friend here. And patience.

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