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Anyway to stop undo delete?


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I have had this happen multiple times.. I hit undo one too many times and it deletes my instrument track or my audio track.  Is there anyway to only undo edits instead of undoing everything?  I would like to protect my tracks so they do not get deleted in the even that I press undo just one too many times.  If not this would be a great feature in preferences, undo and redo only effects edits not tracks and plugins....


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I know it sounds stupid, and I really don't mean to offend.

Just don't hit it too many times and do it consciously. You're right in your observation that not everything you undo can be reliable redone again.

One thing you can do is, put a blank region on an otherwise empty track for EACH and ALL channels, then hide those tracks. That way, these objects never get deleted.

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Did you do as I suggested earlier and open the undo history (Opt+Cmd+Z)? If you do you can make sure that the Mixer and Plugin buttons are active i.e. Blue. You can also see all the undo steps that are available before you undo anything. 

I have just done the following:

  • created a new empty project.
  • Created 1 Midi and 1 audio track
  • Inserted an empty midi region on the midi track
  • Changed the length of the region to 4 bars
  • inserted and ESM on to the midi region
  • Changed the preset on the ESM

I was able to undo and redo everything multiple times. When I re-did step 4 it inserted the ESM with the default setting. When I re-did step 5 it changed to the correct preset. See below.


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